‘I strongly believe that technology and human courage hold the power to solve the issues that are challenging the sustainability of our world of today.


My passion is to support the acceleration of companies to drive real, positive impact on the world of tomorrow.’


Scalability CPH is established with the purpose of unleashing the potential of innovative tech and platform solutions, that can make significant impact in the everyday life of customers, businesses or the greater society.


From Scalability CPH, I will engage in active investments into early stage technology and platform enterprises. If I see a good business case driven by a purpose, and my passion is triggered, I will contribute with my time, knowhow and capital to accelerate growth and deliver impact.


I believe in the power of collaboration and complementary competencies to execute across the various dimensions of any given business case. Therefore, I work together with innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs and investors with complementary profiles.


Barbara has a background as senior executive from Financial, Payments and has worked in Government sector.


She has been responsible for those national id and payment schemes in Denmark and Norway, that have been the backbone for making these countries some of the world’s most digital societies.


Further, she has been responsible for implementing complex regulatory schemes for the financial sector (GDPR and AML), addressing personal data ownership, customer identification, customer data flow and customer experience.


Barbara has worked in both the Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Office, been part of the executive management team in the Nordic payments and fintech company, Nets, as well as the management group in a Danish retail bank, Nykredit.


Barbara Taudorf Andersen



+45 2156 1843



Matrikel 1

Højbro Plads 8-10, 1200

Copenhagen K


CVR: 40 25 30 41


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